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October 2017
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  • They are like the A-Team. If you need them, they will find you. They will remove all obstacles in your path that prevent you from succeeding.
    Founding CEO, Largest Dial-Up internet services provider.
  • Sam's the coolest mob boss ever!
    Toon Disney Producer
While accountants, attorneys and financial planners use procedures, Senev focuses on strategies rather than procedures to maximize return and asset protection and minimize loss. Procedures are never set in stone, and strategy should change based on the situation and the variables. 

When one has exhausted all options and needs a way to solve a problem or recover or fix a bad situation, contact Senev.  


Mergers and acquisition 
Investment and asset protection 
Investment recovery
Asset recovery 
Business terrorism protection & recovery 
Protection from predatory lenders
International trade agreements
Cross-international border asset transfers
Corporate veil piercing 
Anti-trust case strategies
Class action strategies 


Enterprise, attorneys, accountants, banking institutions, credit unions, estate planners, law enforcement, government agencies 
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