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October 2017
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Sam Senev started his first business when he was 16. Coming from Sri Lanka, where one respects values and often worships the advice of elders, Sam took everything he was told as gospel. Many years later he came to the realization that listening to the wrong person and taking the wrong advice will have much more of a catastrophic effect on ones success and drive, than making mistakes on ones own. 

It's a myth that one should learn from others' mistakes. In business, it’s akin to try and learn how to ride a bicycle by watching someone else ride. It doesn’t work that way. 

If one learns early enough by making mistakes and identifying and appreciating those mistakes, one in effect, changes at a DNA level how to react, respond, adapt, and move forward. 

In order to fully benefit from a mentor, one needs to be ready to be able to discern, emotionally and physically, between opinion and advice. When one seeks the thoughts of someone else, and then chooses whether one wants to listen to those thoughts and to act based on those thoughts, they are seeking an opinion. When one implements the thoughts of another, that’s advise. 

Most often those that seek advice, merely want an opinion. Senev prefers to invest time with those that seek advice, rather than those that seek an opinion. 

Senev only takes on a few mentees a year, and coaches in groups through executive training programs.